Mass Flow Meter for LNG CNG Dispenser

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Basic Info.

Ambient Temp.
-25ºC~ +55ºC; -40ºC ~ +50ºC
Design Life
10 Years
2 X Filter
Max Pressure
2 Years for Main Parts
2 X Tatsuno Meter
2 X Rubber Hose Reinbrassed
Atex, OIML
Transport Package
Standard Export Package
Ecotec Energy
Wenzhou China
HS Code
Production Capacity

Product Description

CNG Dispenser Flow Meter for Sale
Flowrate: 1-100kgs/min
Accuracy: ±0.5%
Repeatability: ±0.30%
Zero stability: 0.009kgs/min
Pressure limit: 5000psi
ATEX approved
Mass Flow Meter for LNG CNG Dispenser
Ultimate real world performance

- Unchallengeable ELITE performance on liquid mass flow, volume flow, and density measurements
- Best-in-class gas mass flow measurement
- Reliable two-phase flow measurement for the most challenging applications
- Designed to minimize process, mounting, and environmental effects

Best fit-for-application

- Scalable platform for the widest range of line size and application coverage including hygienic, cryogenic, high pressure, and high temperature
- Available with the broadest range of communication and connectivity options

Superior measurement confidence

- Smart Meter Verification delivers complete, traceable calibration verification, continuously or ondemand at the press of a button
- Globally leading ISO/IEC 17025 calibration facilities offers best in class uncertainty of ±0.014%
- Intelligent sensor design mitigates the need for zero calibration in the field

Micro Motion ELITE Coriolis flow and density meters

ELITE meters provide unmatched flow and density measurement performance to deliver the ultimate control and confidence in your most complex and challenging liquid, gas, and slurry applications.

Ultimate flow measurement solutions for your unique application requirements

- Able to achieve the best fit for your flow measurement with a wide range of tube designs and flow rate coverage to best serve your application
- Peak performance in a drainable design with a variety of industry approvals for use in strictly governed or regulated applications
- Scalable platform for a broad array of application coverage including hygienic, cryogenic, high temperature, and high pressure

Smart Meter Verification: advanced diagnostics for your entire system

- Included as standard, with the option to license flow range detection and other advanced meter health diagnostics
- A comprehensive test that can be scheduled, run locally, or from the control room to provide confidence in your meter functionality and performance
- Verifies that your meter performs as well as the day it was installed, giving you assurance in less than 90 seconds
- Saves significant expenditure by reducing labor and extending or eliminating calibration intervals without interrupting the process

Industry-leading capabilities that unleash your process potential

- Available with the most extensive offering of transmitter and mounting options for maximum compatibility with your system
- State of the art, ISO-IEC 17025 compliant calibration stands achieving ±0.014% uncertainty drive best in class measurement accuracy
- The most robust communication protocol offering in the industry including Smart Wireless
- True multivariable technology measures flow, density, and process temperature simultaneously
- Widest selection of safety, country, and custody transfer approvals

Unparalleled performance in two-phase flow conditions

- Featuring the lowest frequency Coriolis sensors that ensure the two-phase mixture vibrates with the tube to drastically reduce uncertainty contributions from both the presence of liquid in a gas flow measurement, and entrained gas or aeration in liquid flow
- Unmatched MVD transmitter technology with digital signal processing (DSP) delivers the fastest response and refresh rates enabling accurate batch and other two-phase flow measurement
- Advanced software options for improved long-term flow reporting of concentration, net oil, and/or Gas Void Fraction (GVF) during two-phase flow conditions

Measurement principles

As a practical application of the Coriolis effect, the Coriolis mass flow meter operating principle involves inducing a vibration of the flow tube through which the fluid passes. The vibration, though it is not completely circular, provides the rotating reference frame which gives rise to the Coriolis effect. While specific methods vary according to the design of the flow meter, sensors monitor and analyze changes in frequency, phase shift, and amplitude of the vibrating flow tubes. The changes observed represent the mass flow rate and density of the fluid.

    Mass Flow Meter for LNG CNG Dispenser Mass Flow Meter for LNG CNG Dispenser

    Ecotec de sign and  manufacturing
    Precise, convenient and safe, Customer and user first is the top priority in Ecotec design and manufacturing, J series is the dispenser with highest accuracy, quality, durability and reliability that always provides utmost satisfaction for all

    Owner and User
    Fuel dispenser J series is the essential dispenser for service stations, benefits to both service station owners and drivers, user-friendly and safe best partner that provide greatest fulfillment for all

    Wide Range of product lineup
    Product lineup meets various requirement of sites and customers, the best model with the best function, 
    • Suitable for single nozzle to 8 nozzle
    • Suitable for both suction and submersible
    • Suitable for Gilbarco, Tatsuno, Tokhem Bennett, LPG and CNG dispenser
    • Suitable for regular flow rate and high flow rate
    • Option with TV, LED, Printer, Bank Card reader etc
    •  refueling environment without deterioration in performance for a long period of time, also water and ethanol resistant
    Flexible Function Design 
    • Electronic Calibration available by preset keyboard and communication protocol
    • Long and short display value, Display sequence settable
    • Decimal position settable
    • Motor standby time adjustable to meet the different requirement
    • Fueling with integer, Ten bits, Hundred bit and Thousand bit
    • Re-display recall and settable
    • 50 Filling record recall
    • Lock function, Lock by password, Lock by monthly control, Lock by remote control
    • Shift Record Printing
    • Ticket content settable, such as station name, address, products
    • Continue last interrupted fueling after power resume
    • Different Password control
    • Error Code to indicate the problem of dispenser
    • Integration with ITL, PTS, DOMS, Fusion
    Mass Flow Meter for LNG CNG Dispenser

    Model List 
    Dispenser Model Product/
    Flow Meter/
    Display Flow rate LPM
    Suction type A112S 1 1 2 50L/M
    A122S 1 1 2 45L/M
    A224S 2 2 4 50L/M
    Remote /Submersible type A112R 1 1 2 50L/M
    A122R 1 1 2 45L/M
    A224R 2 2 4 50L/M

    Pump Type Optional
    Inlet Pressure ≥54kPa. 
    Flow rate (L/min. ) 55±5
    Suction Distance (m) 6(vertical meter) / 50(horizontal meter)
    Flow Meter Type Optional
    Accuracy ±0.2%
    Motor Voltage(V) 110V/220V/380V, 50Hz/60Hz
    Capacity(HP) 1HP(0.75kw)
    Input Voltage 110V/220V/380V, 50Hz/60Hz
    Nozzle Auto Shut-off Nozzle
    Environmental Condition -40ºC~~+55ºC
    Control Type Solenoid Vale Control Type
    Preset Function Provided(Small LCD Indicator)
    Display(Counter) Type LCD and Bright Backlight
    Digit of Volume 0~~999, 999(6 Digits), Decimal point can be changed
    Digit of Amount 0~~999, 999(6 Digits), Decimal point can be changed
    Digit of Unit price 0~~9999(4 Digits), Decimal point can be changed
    Digit of Total Range 0~~99, 999, 999, 99
    Optional Display Type LCD and Bright Backlight
    Digit of Volume 0~~99, 999, 999(8 Digits), Decimal point can be changed
    Digit of Amount 0~~99, 999, 999(8 Digits), Decimal point can be changed
    Digit of Unit price 0~~999999(6 Digits), Decimal point can be changed
    Digit of Total Range 0~~99, 999, 999, 99
    Totalizer 1~~9, 999, 999
    Hose 4.5m
    Weight 250kg
    Dimension(L×W×H) 1060*600*2200(mm)
    Dimension(L×W×H)Of Qty of Container 40FT: 44 20FT: 22

    Company information

    WENZHOU ECOTEC ENERGY EQUIPEMNT Co., Ltd as a professional supplier of Petroleum equipment, Energy device, can offer customer the better products with better price.

    Ecotec Energy is founded in 2019, but the Ecotec team are all with experience for over 10 years. We can provide complete package service from Design, Manufacturing, Delivery and after-sale service, we have exported to over 60 countries now, and have agent in Africa, Middle East, Asia and South American countries.

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