Sanki Adblue Fuel Dispenser

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Basic Info.

Beijing China
HS Code
Production Capacity

Product Description

Integrated design,the dispenser and AdBlue containerized tank are integrated into a skid, is convenient  for transportation and installation.

Configured hose reel, hose can stretch out and draw back automatically,maximum extension can reaches 10 meters.


Designed in modularization. The AdBlue dispenser and pry are independent unit, Installation position can be set according to the condition.

The AdBlue dispenser has two type:1 nozzle and 2 nozzles

Containerized tank volume:

Containerized tank volume includes 2000L, 3000L and 5000L etc, also can be made according to customer's demand.

Divided AdBlue dispenser dimension: 800X460X1450 (mm)


Integrated design, site selection is flexible, convenient for installation

*With quantitative filling, non-quantitative filling, auto off, automatic settlement and other function

*Can be connected to FMS, with barcode scanning, voice self-service, multimedia, and other functions

*With low level alarm function;

*High quality. Using special components with strong resistance to AdBlue, all pipe joints are stainless steel, will not cause pollution to the AdBlue liquid.

*Low cost and economic. The containerized tank is equipped with rapid assembling device, it is easy for replace AdBlue tons of barrels (1 cube) which can be used recyclable.

* Insulation layer in the containerized tank can ensure the AdBlue storage environment; the tank equipped with dispenser which has air conditioner can adapt to the harsh low and high temperature.

Main technical parameters of the AdBlue dispenser:

Flow rate range

5 ~ 35L/min

Maximum permissible   error


Working pressure


Power supply

three phase  80V 50HZ ;

single phase  20V 50HZ

Single counting   range




Totalize of volume


Totalize of sale


Unit price range


Ambient temperature

-10~+45º C (air-conditioning thermostatic system is   needed if the   Ambient temperature is less than -15 º C,and can only   use all-in-one type)

Main components parameters

a) AdBlue pump: 220V/370W AC 50Hz

b) AdBlue flow meter: 35-45L/min

c) Stainless steel self sealing nozzle :3/4"

d) AdBlue solenoid valve: 3/4", 12V/24V

   Model Product Nozzle Display Package(mm) Gross weight
SK10ZF111B 1 1 2 1/side 768*546*1570 130
SK10QF111B 1 1 2 1/side 768*546*1570 104
Z: Vane pump   Q: Submersible pump

Sanki Adblue Fuel Dispenser
About Us
SANKI Group includes SANKI and WENDBELL, is the leading refueling equipment manufacturer and a Total Retail Solution Supplier in China. SANKI is located in Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area, the SANKI Factory is a state of the art high-tech facility, Delivering high Quality products and Solutions with Commitment, customization Flexibility and Total Cost Ownership.
Sanki Adblue Fuel Dispenser

SANKI specializes in the design and manufacture of total refueling solutions for the oil and gas industry, with wide product range that covers motor spirit and diesel dispensers, LNG/LPG dispenser, SF Tanks, Skid stations, Automatic tank gauging equipment, Fuel management system & tank calibration system.
Sanki Adblue Fuel Dispenser

All key components manufacture, such as flow meters, pumps, and the entire electronic head are designed and manufactured in house by SANKI in China. Sanki is also the only dispenser manufacturer to have an in-house electronics board manufacturing line within their local facility.
Sanki Adblue Fuel Dispenser

With a manufacturing capacity over 6000 unit per month, The SANKI sales and network covers over 40 countries around the word, including Eastern Europe, Russia, Australia, Asia, Africa & South America. Within China, Sanki is also one of 3 main suppliers to China's SINOPEC and PECHOCHINA Oil companies with more then 70 Sales and Support/Service centers and 67 authorized partners across China
Sanki Adblue Fuel Dispenser

Sanki Adblue Fuel Dispenser .


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