300, 000nm3/D LNG Natural Gas Liquefaction Plant

Discover our cutting-edge 300,000nm3/D LNG Natural Gas Liquefaction Plant. We are a leading factory in the industry, delivering top-quality products.
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Basic Info.

Model NO.
LNG Output
28,000~1,950,000 Nm3/Day
Acid Removal
Liquefaction Process
Mrc/Nitrogen Expansion Refrigeration/Dmr/C3mr/Smrc
Design Life
20 Years
Operating Flexibility
Continuous Running Time
Hot Country
Pakistan, Russia, Iran, etc.
After-Sales Service Provided
Video Technical Support,Free Spare Parts, Online
Production Rate
Transport Package
Seaworthy Packing
As required
HS Code
Production Capacity
30 Sets Per Year

Product Description

About Us

300, 000nm3/D LNG Natural Gas Liquefaction Plant

Greenfir is a professional natural gas processing, liquefaction plant, air separation unit, heat exchanger, reciprocating piston compressor, cryogenic cold box, fractionating column manufacturer and solutions provider with ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14001: 2015, ISO 45001: 2018 and ASME U certified.

Greenfir has successfully designed, manufactured and delivered more than 300 sets of natural gas purification, liquefication plants, air separation units, CNG filling stations, cryogenic cold box, etc. all-around China, Middle East, Central Asia and Southeast Asia, etc. We can deliver skid-mounted solutions customized to meet client's challenges and requirements (including adverse weather conditions, transportation and plot area limitations, etc.).

We treat all the cryogenic solutions with serious attitudes and professional experience. Combined with our knowledge and experience, Greenfir provides each client with a technology-leading solution you can count on and bring a wider range of options and more profits.

300, 000nm3/D LNG Natural Gas Liquefaction Plant
Product Description
300, 000nm3/D LNG Natural Gas Liquefaction Plant
The LNG complex should include the following main process equipment, systems, units and structures:

- technological block of gas treatment: a system for cleaning and drying high- pressure feed natural gas (complete with a regeneration gas heater,  if a scheme with high-temperature regeneration of the adsorbent is implemented);
- natural gas liquefaction plant;
- cryogenic pumps;
- storage, distribution and gasification system;
- the product filling system and filling platform;
- gas treatment system;
- drainage and gas discharge system;
- pipelines for piping to the complex, including pipelines for supplying source gas to the complex from the GDS MG or CNG filling stations and returning the  non- liquefied part of the gas;
- a compressor for compressing the vapors of evaporated liquefied natural gas in the case of LNG production at a pressure  below the pressure in the line at the outlet of the GDS MG (CNG filling station);
- monitoring, control and emergency protection system;
- power supply system;
- regular and emergency lighting system;
- communication system (include telephone);
- gas analyzer.
The main characteristics of our small and medium-sized LNG plants are:

1. Compact and modular design provides easy transportation and cheaper installation.
2. Ensuring the safety of equipment in accordance with the explosion-proof performance of class exdiibt4.
3. Easy start and stop of all systems.
4. Robust and reliable technology, easy to operate.
5. Quick deadlines for the completion of the project.
6.  "Uninterrupted work of one team" together with clients to minimize the cost of the project and optimize the schedule.
300, 000nm3/D LNG Natural Gas Liquefaction Plant
Note: Those two pictures show the site of the 300,000-square-meter natural gas liquefaction project in Jia Xian which delivered by Greenfir.
  300, 000nm3/D LNG Natural Gas Liquefaction Plant
Product Parameters
Operating Parameters of Skid-mounted LNG Plant
Design Scale 200,000Nm3/d 300,000Nm3/d 500,000Nm3/d 1000,000Nm3/d 2000,000Nm3/d
LNG Output 148TPD 222TPD 370TPD 740TPD 1480TPD
Acid Removal Process Activated MDEA
Cool Method Water cool
Liquefaction Process SMRC
Design Life 20 years
Operating Flexibility 85%~100%
Continuous Operating Time 8000h
1.Customized design and manufacture for all kinds of LNG plant are available.
2.LNG output is related to raw gas composition and pressure.


Please provide the following basic information when you inquiry. ^^

  1) The LNG plant capacity?

  2) Raw natural gas composition?

  3) Raw natural gas inlet pressure and temperature?

  4) Do you have cooling water system?

  5) What the LNG outlet pressure do you need?

  6) What's your Power condition? Voltage and frequency?

Detailed Photos

300, 000nm3/D LNG Natural Gas Liquefaction Plant300, 000nm3/D LNG Natural Gas Liquefaction Plant



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