Sulfur Recovery H2s Scrubber by Redox for Oilfield Flare Gas

Sulfur Recovery H2S Scrubber by Redox eliminates harmful emissions from oilfield flare gas. Factory-made with quality materials for optimal performance.
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Basic Info.

Model NO.
Hydrogen Sulfide Removal
Larger Than 5000m3/Day
Processing Method
Biological Method
Fiber Reinforced Plastic
Service Time
30 Years
Technical Support
Reduced H2s Concentration
Initial H2s Concentration
Transport Package
Standard Export Packing
HS Code
Production Capacity
100 Sets/Year

Product Description

Sulfur Recovery H2s Scrubber by Redox for Oilfield Flare Gas
Sulfur Recovery H2S Scrubber by Redox for Oilfield Flare Gas

Adopted international advanced technology, the new desulfurization device is uniquely designed and produced by our company in China. Iron-based wet desulfurization is a miniature high-efficiency desulfurization device independently developed by our company. It's designed with all-stainless steel structure, using an iron-based nutrient desulfurization liquid which is developed and produced by our company as catalyst, suitable for desulfurization of hydrogen sulfide containing gas. 

It has the characteristics of no pollution, low energy consumption, no need to consume alkali, high desulfurization precision, no need for secondary desulfurization, simple operation, long service life and by-product sulfur. The device can be mobile
 and skid-mounted, possible to be used or transported in container, widely used in the desulfurization of gases such as biogas, natural gas and oilfield associated gas.

Sulfur Recovery H2s Scrubber by Redox for Oilfield Flare Gas
Iron-based nutrient solution desulfurization technology has the following advantages compared with other traditional chemical desulfurization and biological desulfurization: 
Iron-based nutrient solution desulfurization technology has large working sulfur capacity, large flexibility, skid-mounted, low equipment investment, low desulfurization cost, low power consumption, no waste liquid discharge, high operational stability, and high removal rate for COS, thiol organic sulfur etc.

Product specifications:
Name: Iron-based nutrient solution desulfurizer
Iron content: ≥ 2.5% (based on Fe element)
Working sulfur capacity: 8.5g / L
Inorganic salts: ≤0.2% (in cl¯, so42- meter)

Sulfur Recovery H2s Scrubber by Redox for Oilfield Flare Gas
Comparison Dry Desulfurization Wet Desulfurization Micro Wet Desulfurization Biological Desulphurization
Application Small and medium projects with gas less than 5000m³/day; Second high precision desulfurization after other methods Large Gas Plant up to 100,000 m^3/ day; High sulfur content around 5g/Nm³ Large-scale Large-scale, high sulfur-containing gas (100ppm~20000ppm)
Power Consumption None High Moderate Moderate
Operating Cost Moderate, the desulfurizer need to be changed periodically Moderate Low Low cost on electricity bill
Land Scale Small Full set of equipment for gas desulfurization, regeneration, filtration and melting sulfur, in result, large land is required. Moderate Moderate
Operation Management Easy to manage, reliable operation, dispense with staff on duty Need people on duty to control the operation Automatic operation, simple maintenance Automatic operation, simple maintenance
Remarks Refueling at fixed period, one use one reserve, alternate operation Many equipment Less equipment than wet desulfurization  
Advantages Simple structure, low investment, long lifetime, high precision of desulfurization (lower than 15ppm) It can deal with large amount gas, and the system can run continuously by using PH value to keep the efficiency. High efficiency by Iron Chelate, small in size, and high processing capacity High desulfurization efficiency 99.5%, no second pollution, stable performance, suitable for large-scale, high sulfur-containing gas

Management System Certification: ISO9001:2008, ISO14001:2004, OHSAS18001:2007

Company Introduction: 
Shandong Mingshuo New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. Specializes in biogas project. The company is the production base of medium and large biogas equipments in China, the member of China Biogas Association, the member of China Association of Rural Energy Industry. The company is the recommended member of CCTV Website Enterprise Channel and China Import and Export Commodity Website, the most complete and excellent biogas equipments manufacturers in China. Mingshuo is a professional company integrating the scientific research, technological design, production and debugging service. The company specializes in the production of desulfurizer, desulfurization equipments and biogas equipments. Such as, Mingshuo MTZ biogas dedicated desulfurizer, MT ferric oxide desulfurizer, 889 wet desulfurization catalysts, water treatment agent, MS biogas dedicated desulfurization tanks, thioniers, biogas dedicated gas-water separators, assembled tanks, gas holders, positive-negative pressure protectors, biogas dedicated flame arresters, biogas boilers, deironing magnetic separation equipments, etc.

Sulfur Recovery H2s Scrubber by Redox for Oilfield Flare Gas
Sulfur Recovery H2s Scrubber by Redox for Oilfield Flare Gas
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